Thursday, February 27, 2014

The Man Who Writes Fairy Tales

A fairy tale author I know

starts work every day when the roosters crow.

He writes very quickly, he writes without hitches
about fairies and elves and hobgoblins and witches.

He writes about princesses, princes, and kings,
and keeps going till six when the dinner bell rings.

The next morning he's back when the sky's turning blue.
An inkpot's too little, so what does he do?

At the foot of his garden there's a pond full of ink.
The blackbirds all gather around it to drink.

And whenever that writer is at a loose end,
he goes down to that pond to refill his pen.

He's made up ten thousand stories already,
and has plenty more - he's constant and steady.

And if he keeps writing till the day that he dies,
perhaps he'll have written that pond of his dry.

-Annie M. G. Schmidt

Friday, February 21, 2014

Random Stuff 2-21

I took these this morning just before leaving for the bus stop.

They are just so darn adorable. 
The weather has been so nice lately. I am hoping to get back into the habit of walking more frequently now. And bicycling too. It's almost time to break out the kites again. Maybe on an upcoming weekend we should plan to meet up with the kids and kites at a park. 

On a different note, according to this site tickets go on sale Monday for The Wind Rises, so set your alarm! I know the show opens in that theater on the 28th, and hopefully there are showings after that date as well. I don't work on the 28th so I am happy to see it that day. How about you?

Completely unrelated, I want to try this. It's a fruit juice based sweetener. They also have some fruit syrups without sugar and pectin. I want to try them all. 

Finally, tickets are on sale for the show that Morgan is in. They are discounted through February and then go up to $20 and $25 for the afternoon/evening show respectively. I will be there all day, but I'm going to buy tickets for the evening show, Sean and Hank will attend with me.