Wednesday, December 11, 2013

It comes up awfully fast.

I swear to God I blinked, and now xmas is two weeks away. We've finished everything (except the wrap party) for us, but I still have to find gifts for everyone else, with the exception of maybe Bree.

So since I haven't had a chance to chat with you about it, are you giving gifts to my kids? Should we do a gift exchange with them or skip it this year?

I think I know what to get Mom, but I have no clue what to get Dad & Diann.

I would like to have a winter celebration party that includes Mom. What would be awesome is to rent a facility where we could all meet up. I can't really think of a place, nor when we would even do such an event. I guess we could always do something at my place.

Also, what should we do for Mom's birthday? I work the evening of the 16th, so if everyone else gets together at her place on that night then I will do something separate. However, what if we all got together and took Mom out to dinner? Would we be able to do it without the kids? We can get a sitter, so it's down to you and Bree. Would there be a night you could do something like that?

Monday, December 9, 2013

Feel free to laugh.

I got one of these last week. It really works. I highly recommend that everyone get one who has any trouble whatsoever in the bathroom.

I've been trying to post for a while now, but am lacking some motivation. I'll be trying more soon.