Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Yvie's Birthday

My little Yvie bear turned 6 yesterday. I made rainbow cupcakes with pink and purple icing (and then neglected to take a picture of the final TA-DA before we devoured them. Sigh.)

The unbaked cupcake dough
The cooked cupcakes. Love the color!
Kid approved!
And Chyler approved!
Yvie demonstrates the correct Frosting Lipstick technique
Yvie and the (remaining) cupcakes
Proof that Jason does indeed eat cupcakes!
We went out to the big M for dinner (she asked), and then just stayed home opening presents and eating cupcakes. It was a school/work night, so we didn't have time for much else. But we'll go out to the movies this weekend.

Yvie carrying a present
Yvie carrying another present
Yvie's room all birthday-ified
Yvie is in Kindergarten this year, and she's grown so much. She's learning to read, likes to draw, paint, and make art, and is still very snuggly. I still can't believe that my youngest is 6, in school, growing up fast.

How was your birthday?

Friday, October 25, 2013

Happy Birthday, Damnit!

First, a complaint:


Ok, there, I'm done. Much better now.

Who the heck has time to create a picture-perfect birthday spread for their 1 year old child? Do these people have maids and butlers and a spouse that makes a lot of money? Damnit. I can't compete with Internet Moms.

Thank god I'm surrounded by equally non-perfect moms. Last month, I took Yvie to a birthday party where the cupcakes came out of cellophane bags (hostess?), and the drinks were capri-sun.

And, yet, I was still a little intimidated by the bouncy house they had there, and the 20 kids they invited. I'm just not a 'social' mom. Fortunately, my kids haven't asked to have a party with friends over (I'd do it if they asked). I know, it's rather sad that I'm passing on my hermit lifestyle...

Instead, we'll be eating a flower cake, opening presents, and going to see a dollar movie as a family on Yvie's birthday. Now that's the kind of gig I can handle.

Also, I hope this is OK here, but..


I hope your birthday rocked, you got to eat some cake that didn't make you feel sick (but wasn't the atrocity of my failed 'chocolate coconut flour' cake that my children suffered through on my last birthday - they've said, many times since then, that I should be allowed to have a "Real Cake" on my next birthday. I agree), and that Thriller was everything it should be. Oh, and tell Sean Happy Annibirthary!

If you have some time to get together soon, let me know! With or without the kidlets. My treat. Perhaps we can go out for fancy tea or coffee?

(More posts this weekend, I hope. Need more pictures, and to get off my butt to finish a project. Go me!)

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Halloween Thoughts

A few Costume pics
This is Morgan's completed costume.
We ordered her a unitard with long sleeves as the base, and bought some cheap fleece to make a vest (complete with Paw buttons) and a belt to hook on the tail. 

And then there is mine. I am ever so slightly considering dying my hair anime blue to complete the look. Probably won't happen, though.

This is what Hank was considering being for Halloween. 
He has since changed his mind since he gets to be a minion any day. 
I will get a pic up soon of his current costume. It is pretty awesome.

Now on to more Halloween stuff.

Here is the bulk of our decorating:
I may add a blacklight if I can get one for cheap.
I was considering doing a Coraline mural, but that seemed like too much work.

We've been doing research into pumpkin carving. Here are some I'd like to do this year:

And this one is way too ambitious, but I love it:

I am wondering about using the dremel to help with pumpkin carving this year. Hmm

A few pictures

Just a few things, since I've been slacking of late. Bree and I went out for coffee and distractions last Friday. We tried to make it to Gardener Village, but it was too busy so we just went to the West Jordan park and then out for coffee. There was a tiny incident when Kaenan hid from Morgan and Hank, then after much searching Bree found him at the adjacent playground pushing another child on a swing. 

We got Kaenan to smile a bit.

Hank playing his usual daily game: Super Hank
Trying out the camer on my new phone.

Morgan doing a complicated hip wrap. 

I have another post coming soon, promise.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Chyler's Birthday

Chyler turned 8 almost two weeks ago (sorry, took me a bit to get the photos from my camera). He asked for a Minecraft birthday, so we made some paper minecraft characters and minecraft-style cake.

Very shiny. We found kitty prints on the wrap. Thomas liked it, too!
Just chocolate cake with green-grass frosting and rice krispy treats. 
 Yvie posing with the cake. (she helped. a little.)

The eating of the cake.
I didn't get photos of the present opening and subsequent nerf fight/mad dash to build the super cool bionicle with the jet pack. We spent the evening at Nickelcade, which is what Chy wanted. Between London and I, we managed to get him over 700 tickets, which he then used to buy crappy plastic nunchucks, a ninja sword, and handcuffs. And candy. The best moment was when Chy and Jason were playing some pirate video game together, and after every battle, Chyler wanted to high five Jason, yelling, "Yeah, we did it! We're awesome!" I could hear him across the arcade.

That kid is totally gun obsessed.  When we go to the store to buy stuff with allowance money, Chy always wants to buy another gun. Or a lego set, if I convince him that he doesn't need another gun. I think we need to plan a full out nerf war with all the cousins. Or my entire neighborhood.

Kids posing. Apparently, Yvie is a supermodel.

Mock fight between Chy and Yvie.

Ah, well, at least the little dude is easy to please. Nerf, bionicle, lego, jackets and pants and boots with cool zippers, anything shaped like a gun. He spent 4 hours one weekend building a realistic-shaped gun out of legos.

I do worry a little about this gun obsession, but I don't think that I can quell it by banning them. And there is a strangely proud moment as a mom when your 8 year old asks you to wait behind him for a moment so that he can check the area for zombies, then walks to the corner and quick checks around, holding his gun two handed like a real movie-hero guy.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Cyborgs don't need antibiotics!

So. Last Friday, I had my first dental implant installed. Which means I am now a cyborg. I mean, I have a metal screw installed in my jaw. Or does it have to have electronic parts? Hmm. Whatever. I'm calling it a cyborg tooth anyway.

My cyborg tooth. Er, pre-tooth. Screw.

It went pretty smooth overall. Which means, I watched some videos beforehand showing how the procedure would be done, freaked out a little bit, almost canceled my appointment, but went anyway. I had to close my eyes for most of it so that I wouldn't see the blood (since when did blood bother me like this?), but it went pretty quickly. I was in and out of the dentist in less than an hour, including the numbing period.

After affects are pretty minimal, mostly jaw soreness. Hardly any swelling, and the shiny screw on top of my gums looks pretty cool. (at least, I keep telling my kids that it does.)

However, my dentist prescribed antibiotics, to reduce the chance of infection and rejection of the implant. And the antibiotics are horrible. Stomach bloating, pain, dry mouth, I smell weird (especially certain lady parts). I have taken antibiotics only one other time as an adult, and that is when I had an ear infection bad enough that my eardrum ruptured. I do not want to take these.

But, now my Jason says that, since I've started the antibiotics, I need to finish them, or else I'll make it worse. Which means I've taken 6 pills out of 20. Uuuugh.

What do you think? Should I listen to my body and stop taking these horrible pills? Should I even bother taking the priobiotics while I'm taking the antibiotics? I'm eating yogurt as well.

I have to do this again in January for the other side. Lots of fun!