Friday, September 27, 2013

TV, books, and movies

Game of Thrones has taken over my evenings. We have HBO (just renewed the dtv package, got 3 free months), so we're trying to quickly watch them all. Almost caught up now. Fantastic story - and, yes, I am guilty of not having finished the books. I own them, someday I'll get 'round to it.

Also getting caught up on The Newsroom. Love this show, but much prefer to watch it alone.

Fortunately the Milk came out last week, and the kids and I finished it in two evenings. I need to read it again, as I kept mixing up the character voices. GREAT book, of course!

Just finishing From the Dust Returned by Ray Bradbury, very interesting book. Started Coldest Girl in Coldtown by Holly Black. I loved some of her previous books, and so far I'm enjoying this one, but damnit if it isn't about vampires. Ugh.

I purchased some John Green books on Amazon recently. I need to read An Abundance of Catherines and Paper Towns, as I haven't read them yet. Sent TFIOS home (along with Ocean at the end of the Lane) with a co-worker for his girlfriend, so that it will help cleanse away 50 shades - poor thing read all of it in the original text (as twilight fan fic).

Oh, and I finished Terra by Mitch Benn. Would you like to borrow it? It was quite good.

Do you and Sean have any interest in meeting up to watch Catching Fire or Ender's Game together?

That's it, for now. I'll post about Chy's birthday when I remember to grab the sd card from the camera and bring it to work.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Fat Dokken!

So. Jason asked me to go with him to see Dokken this weekend at the Peppermill (in Wendover).

Dokken is a big hair band from the 80's (though they are still making new music today). Photo of Dokken from the 80's:

Oh yeah. Hot Dokken. And 4 cans of hairspray.
And the lead singer from last year:
Fat Dokken

Oh, Dokken, what happened? Have you been hanging out with fat Val Kilmer?

Oh, Val. You used to be so hot. Remember Willow?

This should be interesting. I don't listen to this kind of music anymore, but Jason loves it. And when I mentioned the concert to a co-worker, he showed me these fantastic Norton commercials from a few years ago.

Now I need to figure out what concert I can drag Jason to. Vampire Weekend? Iron & Wine? He'd probably just fall asleep. Hmmm.

Work Insanity

Last night tried my patience and insanity possibly to the brink. It was my third consecutive swing swift and felt like many more than that. Every night has been stressful and busy, even though I can recall previous nights being even more busy. This weekend took the cake for me for quite a while.

I can't pinpoint what the exact cause of these nights pushing me to the edge were, other than them being shit shows (literally and figuratively). It does make me question my choice in careers, as it was never in my desire to deal with this much excrement, vomit, etc. I would almost prefer a blood bath to having all of the outs coming out constantly from a majority of my patients. Oh, and just about every kennel in the ICU was full. That may have been part of it. I don't remember just how many, so let's say about 14 patients. No cats though, which is a bit strange.

So things tend to run in themes (if you get one cat in kidney failure, usually you get three more), but when the theme night is diarrhea it is way more than a human can handle. Luckily we had plenty of people to step up and help out, though getting everything done in a timely manner was nowhere to be seen. I clocked out to go home two hours after the end of my shift, and I got home at about 3am.

Needless to say, today is a recovery day for me. The past three days have been me barely trying to sleep in, being as cheerful with the kids as possible (getting Morgan off to school then hoping I can sneak back into bed before Hank wakes up) getting as much done around the house as possible (laundry as much as humanly possible) then rushing to get ready and run out the door. Coffee at least twice in the AM, scrounging up some hopefully good food to eat, throwing on some scrubs, and attempting to look like a decent human.

Luckily I have the rest of the week off from this point, though who the fuck knows when I'm working after Saturday because there STILL isn't a schedule out. So much for planning a life one week to the next.

Time for a dance party and a couple of tasty adult beverages.


Monday, September 23, 2013

Grumpy Kid and the DN

I am going to rename my children (for the sake of this blog, at least). They are now, from youngest to oldest: Miss Artist, Lego Warrior, and Grumpy Kid.

So, here is Grumpy Kid.

Grumpy Kid is not amused

Grumpy Kid gets mad when it is time to turn off his game on the xbox or tablet. Grumpy Kid gets mad at dessert limitations, when it's time to brush teeth instead of having one more mug of tea, when it's time to do that written report for school after procrastinating for two weeks.

Grumpy kid is also wicked smart, great at math, pretty good at debate, and an avid reader (of mostly comic books right now.)

Look! Grumpy Kid not being grumpy!

Grumpy Kid overthinks things, and can set his mind on an answer before trying to find things out. And, sometimes, he says things without thinking them through.

Example: Yesterday, driving the kids to their dad's house. Grumpy and I are talking about a disagreement that we had, the good and the bad parts of the day. Grumpy tells me that (paraphrasing here), "I'm sorry, Mom, but Dad says that you only give us treats to bribe us into liking you better, and I agree with him."

(my first internal response: I want to stab my ex)
(second response: want to defend, defend)
(third response: oh, that stings...)

But what I say is, "Honey, it's not a competition. Neither parent is better than the other. You don't have to choose."

(And then, after dropping the kids off, I cried. And cursed my ex. And cried some more. It took a little while to get over it, to get past the me-hurting feelings and on to the 'think from the kids' perspective' mode.)

I understand where he is coming from, at least I think I do. This kid idolizes his dad, and he wants to believe everything his dad says. He wants for his dad's opinions to be his own. (whether or not they are good opinions).

And I don't want to get in the way of that - except, perhaps, where his dad is being a douchenugget.

So, what is the 'Right' thing to do here? Should I be battling with my ex through our eldest child?

I don't know. I'm still trying to figure this out. And I'm waiting, earnestly, for the moment when my ex decides to grow the hell up.

Not nice, Yvie

Chyler received this valentine from a classmate last Valentine's Day. A couple weeks ago, Yvie took the valentine and wrote her name on it. (classic!)

Friday, September 20, 2013

(ninja post about those holidays that happen in the winter...)

I know it is September, but I would like to (quietly?) plan our turkey-day and xmas coups this year.

What are your plans? What would you like to do with extended family? (or not do)

I have my kids for turkey day this year, but we are not going anywhere on that day. I need to have my own traditions, darnit. But I'm OK with going to a family gig that weekend, as long as it is on a different day.

I don't have my kids Xmas eve/morning, but I get them for a few hours in the evening. We will be staying at home, opening presents in front of the fireplace. I bought an 8' tree to put upstairs. Jason and I made a deal: I bought a real tree (from here), and Jason will decorate it. As long as he uses no tinsel. (and I may do the lights, since he just kind of throws them on there - sorry, sweetie, but you do!) We can't have any breakable ornaments, because Thomas likes to climb the side of the tree and knock things down. Broke all but 2 ornaments his first year with us (little punk). Oh, and I may do this to a small tree downstairs. Awesome!

I'm OK doing an extended family party thing, as long as we plan it to occur earlier in the month. And I totally think we should set rules, if we do.

Oh, and I have my kids on New Years. Any interest in doing a New Years party?

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Speaking of Halloween

I am somewhat seriously considering getting one of these as a costume this year. The totoro one of course. I would also get an umbrella to complete it.

I've also been looking at the children's versions and may convince one or both of them to get one as well. Morgan wants to be a cat. This one is pricey, but perfect.

Speaking of which. Oh, I could be so evil.

To San Diego and back again.

Here are a few pictures I took of the kids before going out of town. 

Hank is wearing his minion costume. I picked up the overalls at a thrift shop for $2. 

Super cute and doing poses for me. 

And then of course driving me to the airport, which was obligatory.

Here is the view from the hotel.

A super cute kite flying from the kite shop in the village. 

This is taken from our dinner at the San Diego Zoo. 
It was a special event for the pinning of the certified techs. 

The Midway. This was right up the pier from our hotel. 

The USS Enterprise. Obligatory :) 

I thought this statue was really cool, it had some great detail. 

Not really sure what this was meant to be, but it looks awesome. 

So the trip was fun. I was ready to come home by the second to last day. I learned an incredible amount, but a lot of it I am going to have to study through all of the proceedings and wrap my head around again. I hope to go again next year, but we will have to see what is going on at that time.

Monday, September 16, 2013

This year, I'm hoping to avoid the sugar-coma that comes with kids binging on halloween candy. Not quite sure how to accomplish that and still be Cool Mom, but we'll see.

To avoid being a hypocrite, we are not going to hand out halloween candy this year. I'm thinking of handing out some little toy trinkety things, like bouncy balls and bubbles and such. So I'm digging through the Oriental Trading website, and I see these: HE LIVES!

Wouldn't those be great at a Zombie themed party? I may pick these up. (If I'm going to hell, I might as well enjoy the ride).


Thursday, September 5, 2013

I see your rambly post, and raise you a rambly post.. with links!

Lovely bits from the internet:

All Good Slides Are Slippery, poetry selected by Lemony Snicket. My favorite: Auto-Lullaby by Franz Wright.

Oh heck yeah: Hello Kitty Themed Planes Are Coming To The U.S.

Have you seen this artist's work yet? Her name is Ellen June, and her stuff is available on her Etsy shop, called Creatures from El. Gorgeous.

Also, found this funny pinterest board, called My Imaginary Well-Dressed Toddler Daughter. Love the kids' names. I should have named my daughter Quinoa. Or at least Scottish Oats.

The Bloggess' office - very jealous. Gods, I wish I could decorate. In my head, all of my rooms are beautifully designed. And clean. But the reality is... not so much.

This was a 'write to complain' week for me. We agreed not to use this blog to complain, so I didn't post. But there were moments, I almost put them up anyway. Mostly, I'm tired of working my stressed-out 8-5 job. I'm tired of working for the (wo)man. When are we going to get our own business going?

I'm still reading Terra by Mitch Benn, but next is 'From the Dust Returned' by Rad Bradbury. I've read a lot of Bradbury, but not this one. Also read the first couple books in the Locke & Key graphic novel series, waiting for the rest on hold at the library. Good stuff, LOVE the artist.

My kids are back on track next Wednesday, so we're taking a long weekend together. Might hit the drive-in, we don't have a lot of time left before it gets too cold.

Q has decided that he wants to dress as Ezio from Assassin's Creed. So either we spend $150+ on a badly made costume (no way), or we take forever to build it. Oh well, I once made that tigger costume for Jody. How hard can this be?

More in a day or two with garden pics/plans. I keep thinking I can re-do this entire yard.. eh. Let's see how it goes.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

So summer is coming to an end, and school has started again. Also, my short attempt at working overnights is finally going to end, and I will go back to sleeping a (hopefully) somewhat normal schedule at night.

And I just became one of *those* parents. You know, the one dragging her screaming child from the store. And of course he is screaming “I WANT A TOY!!!!” at a frequency that everyone in the giant big box can hear. But that is what I get for running to the store for one quick thing, and telling him I will buy him something small. Of course, that turns into him gaping and oogling at every large, annoying, sound making toy he can find; the cheapest of which is no less than $20.

Which brings me to this: why do all the toys make horrible annoying sounds? I want to spoil my child as much as the next person, but I want it to be quiet for (insert your favorite curse)’s sake. And of course the more annoying the toy, the more appealing it is to them.

 Now I’m not against all noises. We went out of our way to get those paper musical instruments, we routinely will have dance party game disks going, and in our house, the piano is considered a toy. But hearing the same horrid electronic musical ditty more than 5-10 times will set me into a barely controlled rage that I have a hard time not releasing onto the world.

Ugh, I am struggling to find a theme to write a post about, so it is going to continue at this rambling pace.
Sean and I had our first date in a couple of months. I worked overnight, slept for ~5 hours, game got cancelled (again), so we put the kids to bed and then went to see a movie. I may have slightly sort of death gripped Sean’s hand during World War Z, but I did really like it. And I did sort of geek out when the new new Doctor appears in the movie.

This Friday I am going out of town for a conference (yes, me). I am super excited to sit through lecture after mind numbing lecture for 4+ days. I really do mean I am excited. No really!

I get to share a hotel room with 3 coworkers, eat out every night (how that is going to work yet I don’t quite know), and listen to people in my field of work lecture on emergency veterinary medicine. Sounds cool, right? I plan on hitting up a shop just after we get settled in, to stock up on larabars and muscle milk. I’m not 100% sure that muscle milk is scd legal (ok, it’s probably not), but it follows the theory, dammit!  

On another note, we finally caught up on Doctor Who, so I've been reading a lot of memes in the last week or so, and this one really stuck with me.

And now since getting current, I've had a sudden urge to watch all of the River Song episodes in chronological order from her point of view. It's confusing, since she appears in some episodes as from different timelines in her life, but you get an interesting viewpoint. 

Also, I'm very much enjoying David Tennant in Broadchurch, the episodes I've managed to watch anyway. 

Enough rambling! Hopefully I can come up with a singularly themed post soon.