Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Morgan catching up - Part 2

There have been a lot of things happening with Morgan as well. This year has been going by much too fast for my liking. 

Morgan on the trax to the St Patrick's parade this year. 
It was actually very decent weather this year (for a change).

Also sporting a cute new hair cut.
I just cant get her to stay with long hair. 

Crazy hair day for school. It's blue.
She really didn't want me to take a picture.

Also at the Museum of Natural Curiosity. 
This place is insanely busy but very cool. 

A very cool picture that Morgan drew.
She is rather good.

 On the day of her school performance.
She is looking very calm now that it is over!

 On her birthday. Our very grown up 9 year old.

About to get spoiled with presents. Very happy.

 I got this cool shot in the dark, with just one candle to light the room. 
It really sets the tone to have a pitch black room for this. 

Morgan is getting ready for the next big show, coming up in a couple of weeks. She is also doing her first piano recital this week. She is incredibly strong, smart, brave, and funny. So far this year we have enjoyed a small silks recital and  a school performance that she choreographed on her own and picked the song. In her spare time she reads (and reads and reads), draws, and plays the piano. She has just discovered the joy of riding her bike to her friends' houses that are a few streets away.

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