Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Hank - catching up Part 1

God, where does the time go? Well I have a bunch of things to share. First we will start with the kids. Here are a bunch of pics of Hank I have taken in the last couple of months, starting within the month up to his birthday, and then up to current. The big change here is that he got a hair cut on the day of his birthday party, so you can see the progression from shaggy to clean cut hair. 

Here we see Hank with shaggy hair, giving a thoughtful pose.

Riding a very manly beast.

Sporting the very very cool black button up and angry birds tie. 
He likes to wear this number to kindergarten. 

The mother of all insanity: the kids birthday party at the family fun center, with a bunch of other groups all having parties at the same time. It was all worth it.
Also, just before the haircut.

Funny story: Hank specifically requested a plush Han Solo angry bird toy for his birthday. We found one such toy online for a seemingly ungodly amount of money. We decided to get it anyway (how often do you get to spoil your own kids), then waited for all of our online purchases to arrive. This one came in it's own giant box. It ended up being enormous, and totally worth the $40 or so that it cost. It's bigger than he is, and very cool.  

 At the Museum of Natural Curiosity.

At a field trip to Hee Haw Farms (yes this is a real place)

Still at Hee Haw Farms. Corn. All the corn.

Sporting a pretty serious face. 

So let's see. We've had a big #6 birthday. Hank recently earned his orange/white stripe karate belt. He has a karate tournament this weekend (our first) and is going to perform the Peaceful Warrior One for it. Also we have started soccer this past week, and thus begins our next few months of very busy all the time. There is one practice per week and at least one if not two games per week, come June. But then it will be all over at the end of June. We will see how this goes, and if we want to do it again in the fall.

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