Monday, January 12, 2015

Xmas lights

So first of all, I got this one blurry pic of the house with lights on. They weren't too fancy, but plenty nice enough. The lights are still technically on the house, but we unplugged them about a week ago. 
Why aren't there holidays that we can put up lights for year round? It's so festive.

Here is a selfie I taught your daughter to make.

Poor Hank in a face mask at the Dr office. It took him forever to get over that cough!

Hank and Morgan enjoying their minecraft collection on Xmas.

Morgan with Santa

Not much has happened in this new year. I've worked some extra days, it seems that everyone is getting the plague around me. I don't mind the extra hours = more money, though it does make it difficult to do anything but rest/recoup all the time.

I'm starting to mentally plan out Hank's b-day party (yes, already). He either wants a Wreck it Ralph party, complete with the multi-flavored cake, or a Sonic the Hedgehog party (no joke) or Pac Man. And he may or may not want to incorporate a skating/bounce house (ie Classic Skating). We'll see.

Oh, and I'm planning out my seed order and will be completing it very soon. Is there anything particular you are going to grow this year? I am contemplating attempting one of the weird broccolis (you know, the swirly one). 

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