Thursday, December 11, 2014

Book recommendation

Ok, first of all I have a book recommendation. I was at the store and saw this book in the kid's section. I had to pick it up, obviously. I was such an impulse purchase and totally worth it. When I read it to Hank, he giggled uproariously the entire time. It builds anticipation. It's snarky. If you don't want to spend $17 on it I will lend it to you. Sean needs to read it to Morgan first though.

This has got to be one of the cheesiest smiles for Hank. Love it.

Morgan is showing me her favorites so far from her Lego friends advent calendar. 
Simply because I mocked the set for having an oven, the oven is her favorite.
Along with the girl figure of course.

And here we are, waiting for Santa on the firetruck. He was 3 hours late (as far as we were concerned). Usually he comes to our neighborhood first and we have to scramble to get our cold weather gear on before running outside to see him drive by and pelt us with taffy. This year they changed the route and we (neighbors included) were all hanging around on our driveways in PJs and coffee in hand (ok, maybe that was just Sean and myself) saying "Where is Santa?"

OH, and we actually put lights on the house this year. Well WE didn't do it, we paid someone else to do it. Pics to come, they were just installed today, so we haven't seen it at night yet.


  1. Did you happen to take any pictures of your house when it was lit? I wish I could have seen it!

    We are too lazy to do lights on the outside of the house. But we had a nice tree set up inside. And the kitty left it alone - aside from trying to drink from the tree stand. That kitty can't resist unattended water. Or milk. He drank 'Santa's' milk!

    Did Sean resolve his Santa guilt yet?

  2. Yes, I got a blurry pic that I am posting now. I did want to have everybody over for a festive holiday party, but sickness and schedules conflict.

    Good thing tree water isn't toxic! We recently had to research that, since we had a gorked out kitty that was possibly high, but owners thought it got intoxicated by tree water. Turns out, not concentrated enough to be toxic. Hopefully the milk didn't make him sick!

    I don't know if Sean has resolved his guilt. We still haven't had any point blank questions regarding it, other than Hank's comments that he doesn't know how Santa has flying reindeer if magic doesn't exist. It didn't go any further than that, though.