Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Impossible Costume

This year Morgan wanted to be Mary Poppins for Halloween. Sean thought we should buy it, but I thought for sure I could make it for much cheaper, and still be happy with the result. I found a great tutorial and bought a new sewing machine (ok so it wasn't cheaper, but I have a serger now) then spent $60 on fabric and went to town. There were some very frustrating days/weeks, and I hate hate hate making bias tape and sewing chiffon. In the end, despite multiple false starts, it finally turned out. 

Fortunately, Hank wanted to be Vader and we bought that costume from the store. Yay!

Here they are about to go trick or treating. Hank is about to use the force.

Strangely, Sean decided he wanted to dress up this year. He is Terry Pratchett's death It looked really cool, though I think he scared some kiddies in the neighborhood.

I dressed up to go to school that day as Totoro, complete this year with a pillow for added puffiness. I didn't get a picture. For Halloween night, I dressed up as my witch costume from the aerial halloween show. It makes a fantastic passing out candy costume complete with red lipstick. 

Next year I would like to dress up as Susan Deathbringer.
I suppose I should start working on that now. 

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