Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Autumn and Halloween happenings

Earlier this month, we had a Family Day with the school, and went to a local farm. They had a pumpkin patch, a very tiny corn maze, a petting zoo that consisted of 4 goats (cute, mind you), and a pig with a sign that says, "I bite!" Heh. Very.... rustic.

But the corn was cool:
I felt an almost irresistible urge to play music from Signs

And I convinced them to pose for me on the straw bales:

The split second before another swarm of children arrived

But, of course, the best feature was the old tractor.

Of course you have to make racecar sounds on the tractor

Chyler trying to usurp the wheel

Yvie posing pretty on the big ol' tractor tire

I don't have my kids for Trick or Treating this year, so we decided to do an early activity with costumes. A couple Saturdays ago, we went to the Red Butte's Garden After Dark. We didn't get a lot of photos (it was dark, and we were busy enjoying the activities), but we took a few Costume shots:

Yvie the princess. She loves her new shoes!
Chyler as Star-Lord
Q-man as a Spartan Warrior

I haven't walked around Red Butte Garden in ages, it was fun to walk the perimeter, which was decorated with lights and spooky halloween decorations.

Star-Lord has no time to stop and enjoy the scenery

Red lights and spiderwebs

I'll try and get more photos of the kids in costume before they go out on Friday. Q-man has a cool spear we've been working on, and Yvie has a masquerade mask that she didn't want to wear to the garden.

How are your costumes going?

Thursday, October 23, 2014

The Aquarium Visit

Hi. My name is Lorraine, and I have been neglecting this blog.

So, to pay penance, I vow to enter three new blog posts in the next week. Photos will be posted, funny captions entered, and I will write at least one decent post of verboseness.

Today, I would like to share the photos from our trip to the Aquarium. This will be a mostly-photos-post - they tell enough of the story.

First, the photo of Jason and the children being et by the shark teeth. I took a few, and this one is my favorite. Hank's face is just so... Hank.

Next, the photo of Chyler and Hank surfing on the whale. Yet another awesome Hank face.

And then there's the photo of Yvie, Morgan, and Chyler hugging a different whale.

Followed by Morgan and Yvie 'holding' the baby penguin. I love that the girls are so willing to pose for pictures.

And then we have my personal favorite. I told them to say "Arr Matey!" Yvie gave us her best pirate face, Kaenan was NOT AMUSED, and Jason was peeking through the window like a true creepy villain.

Finally, Miss Morgan was the only child willing to pose with Bruce for me:

Love that sweet girl.

How are you feeling, Carolyn? did the Unicorn Blood do what it needed to do?