Thursday, May 8, 2014

Summer Things

I've been trying to come up with some ideas and plans for the summer.

Some definite ideas I have are to get the kids into some swim lessons this year (finally), potentially purchase one of the summer kids movie programs, try out a summer program dance class (hip hop for Hank- seriously), and piano lessons.

Maybe a bit much, but I will aim high and see where that settles for me.

Camping definitely sounds like a must this year. I do want to check out the aquarium. I'm not certain on the Natural History Museum, and unfortunately I work on May 31st, so no city library for me that day.

Oh, and hit up the farmers market at least a couple of times.

Do you think we can finally make it up to Timpanogos Cave this year? Would the kids just hate us?

I haven't been to Tracy Aviary in a while.

I'm not sure when to suggest going to the aquarium if you want to go together. My kids will still have school during your break (Lorraine) but on Monday the 26th Hank is out, and Morgan gets out of school ~1:30. Don't know if that is enough time. Any other weekday (that I don't work) I can meet up after 2:45 when Morgan gets home.

Oh yeah, Lorraine, are you planning on doing anything for your birthday?


  1. I have no specific plans for my birthday. Might do a dinner thing at home, not sure. Haven't decided if my backyard can yet host people without embarrassment.

    I'm totally down with dragging my kids to Timpanogos. If we bring water bottles, cool snacky-type things, and cameras, I'm sure they will survive.

    Our plans for next week something like:
    Tues: Meet you guys at Classic (that was tues, right? What time did we agree to meet?)
    Wed: Natural History Museum

    Not sure yet when to go to the aquarium. Want to meet up? When are you available?

    We're also going to see the new Capt America movie (a matinee, I hope), and go to Golden Corral for dinner. And have a backyard campout, probably over Memorial Day weekend (May 24-25).

  2. Yes, Tuesday will be Classic. I think we could meet at 5 or earlier. The earliest for me would be 4. I'm not sure how early Bree could meet us.

    And then Wednesday would be the same, the earliest I could meet is 4, is that too late for you? I've never gone to a museum that late before.

    As far as the Aquarium, I am available Saturday the 24th (would that be horrible on a Saturday?) and then on Monday the 26th as early as 3pm.

    We are hoping to see Godzilla tomorrow night (yea!).

    On your actual b-day I will be working until 10 :(. I can come over after that, or on another day I would totally be up for hanging out. Maybe we should check out the Tea Grotto or another cool place!