Friday, April 11, 2014

Only three weeks overdue

I've been meaning to post for a while, of course. This past couple of months has been very very busy between work, rehearsals and planning b-day parties.

Hank's party ended up being a blast. There was some stress for a week or two that we wouldn't have any other kids at the party and I'd have to go around the neighborhood scrounging up random children to fill the emptiness. In the end, I cornered 3-5 parents in the hallways at Hank's school and guilted them into coming. We also had two semi-spontaneous RSVPs the night before. For the party we had 5 kids come, so 6 for a very fun Lego building party.

I went a little crazy with streamers and banners, and blew up at least 25 balloons to have loose on the floor. We bought a bunch of small lego sets and had the kids build their own mini sets. I also got the Lego movie soundtrack and played it on repeat. Hank had a good time. 

Next, Morgan and I performed in the Chess aerial show. There should be at some point in the future a recording made of the show that I will procure a copy of as well as pictures of us in costume. 

It was a great experience, and now that it's over I love that we did it. Leading up to the performance was a very stressful time with multiple practices per week. Twice weekly for Morgan and 2-3 times weekly for me. I'm sorry I didn't tell anyone. It was sprung on me sort of at the last minute. I had three weeks to learn choreography, and 90% of it involved spinning so there was quite a while when I thought I would be backing out of it anyway and I didn't want to announce it in case that happened. Then we got to a point where I realized I'd be able to do it, but the surprise was way more fun. 

For about 75% of the performance I was on one side of the stage holding off unused silks, sometimes for 2-3 songs at a time. My hands went so numb and I lost my grip at least once. For the second performance I ended up locking off my hands in 4 silks so that I wouldn't let one escape on stage again. That was interesting. Additionally, I was helping other adults to make sure all of the kidlets stayed where they were supposed to, quietly, and went on/off stage at the right time.

With all of the stress of learning the order of the show, and trying to remember when and which silks to hold off stage, during the parts I performed it actually felt like fun. Morgan had so much fun with all of the kids that I think she loved it tremendously and her anxiety was gone. I guess this is just a thing we will be doing now.

My super awesome tights. 

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