Monday, April 28, 2014

Miss Artist goes to the Zoo

Last Thursday, I took a day off work to go with Miss Artist's kindergarten class on their field trip to the zoo. Both the AM and PM kindergarten kids were going, which equaled about 45-ish kindergarteners.

A lot of parents volunteered to go, so the teacher split the kids into groups of 4 or 5, and had two parent chaperones for each group. I got to co-chaperone with another Mom, and together we had four children to herd around the zoo (including her daughter and mine).

It was terribly fun. Little kindergarteners are just the sweetest. As we were getting off the bus, the children needed to line up with their groups, so I asked my four kids to line up near the turkeys. And told them that if they said, "Gobble Gobble!" to the turkeys, maybe they would talk back. And, so help me, they did it. (Enough so that a few other children came over to yell GOBBLE GOBBLE to the turkeys. Poor things. I'm sure they had bad accents.)

I love how wonderful the world is at that age. The wolves were close to the fence, one sleeping and one majestically walking past. A little girl from another group kept calling them 'Woofs.'

The tiger was also close, though sleeping. The peacock was VERY close, resting just beyond the fence, and the children remarked on his colors. They wanted to see every animal in the Reptiles and Birds building, and the little boy in our group wanted everything he saw there as a pet - except the tarantula, of course. And perhaps the really big snake.

I did get one good picture (I was enjoying the children, and didn't want to whip out my camera much). We stopped near the Polar Bear (who came out!), and took this photo:

Isn't my Yvie so cute? She's such a little social butterfly. Every park we go to, she makes a 'new friend'. Though, like a little politician, she rarely learns or remembers their names. They are just a playtime friend - steadfast at the moment, gone at the next.

I've been working on some projects, and I keep waiting to post until I have something done. Well, darnit, enough of that. More posts to come very soon, with photos.

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