Wednesday, March 12, 2014

I don't have a book problem...

Ok, so maybe I do. My main bookshelf in the living room has 20 cubbies/shelves for books, each 13" wide. Two shelves are saved for library books (which are often quite full), two more hold the homework/coloring books/workbooks for the kids. The other 16 are holding books. Lots of books. Some of them two or three books deep.

And, yet, I just ordered another 20 books, mostly used, online.

I've been trying to push Q-man to read chapter books of my choosing. He tends to reach for the comic books, which are fine as well, but I feel like he needs exposure to harder reading material. We've read almost everything by Kate DiCamillo (highly recommended!), almost every kid-oriented book by Roald Dahl, all the 'Diary of a Wimpy Kid' books, the first 3 Narnia books (I have the whole series), and all of the 'Magic Tree House' series (he loves them, still looks for the new ones when they come out). And in the last year, we've also read:

The Lightning Thief
The Time Machine
The Invisible Man
Varjak Paw (and started the sequal, The Outlaw Vajak Paw)
The Call of the Wild
The Book of Time

Well, last week he picked up the first book in the 'How to Train Your Dragon' series. It is simply adorable, with pictures and little notes. At one point, the main character Hiccup reads a book from the library about how to train dragons. The book has only one page that says, "YELL AT IT LOUDLY!" Awesome.

So, today I ordered the next few books in the series. The movie was cute, yeah, but the books are better. I also found a series originally published in the lats 50's by Edward Eagar called the 'Magic' series - looks interesting.

My little Yvie is reading well. Chy is reading well, too, but he still fights against having to read or do his homework. Sigh.

More posts soon, I swear. I start writing, then I get distracted by work things, and I'm so rarely online at home these days.

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