Friday, January 10, 2014

Seed order and garden plans

I like a lot of your seed choices! I may change a couple of mine to match yours. I also like these:

Bean, Purple Pod Pole Organic - so pretty and purple! I'd also like to try some of the Climbing French Beans as well.

Cylindra Beet - I'm open to other varieties of beets. This will be my first year with them.

Romanesco Broccoli - so pretty.

Early Snowball Cauliflower - I'm open to other varieties. My zucchini killed the cauliflower last year. They'll be separated this year.

Hmm.. I may try some of your carrots, but I also like these: Scarlet Nantes Carrots

I want to try growing corn this year, just a bit. I really like this one: Blue Jade Corn, it's so pretty! BUT.. It'll be pretty close to my neighbor's corn patch, and they grow normal-ish varieties, thus cross-pollination will occur. I may have to replan the corn location. I'm hoping to plant them with beans growing up the stalks.

I'd like to pick up another Armenian Cucumber as it was my favorite last year. I'd love to try the Holland White as well. What did you grow last year?

I also want to try planting this Pintung Long Eggplant.

Do you want to try any lettuces? I'm going to plant them between things, and in the front garden, and anywhere I can get them to grow. I like the Bronze Arrowhead Lettuce, or perhaps just get this Lettuce Mix. I, too, want very much to try the Strawberry Spinach. It looks interesting!

I'd like to try the Petit Gris De Rennes Melon, and this Charentais Melon. French melons are the best ones, yes? I may plant one or two watermelon, if you are up to sharing.. they'll need a new spot. Somewhere.

And definitely this Ground Cherry - they talked about it in the current issue of Organic Gardening. At least worth a try. I'm going to see if I can get the irrigation done on the south side of the house (by my sidewalk), so I can plant them there.

Have you tried leeks? These Blue Solaise look interesting. Also, these Long Red Florence Onions.

I was thinking of picking up a snow or snap pea, such as these Amish Snap Peas or Golden Sweet Pea

I planted one Okra last year, and it did really well. I'm going to try it again with this Red Burgundy Okra. It thrived even when it was super hot out - in fact, I think it did better in the heat.

I'd like Bell Peppers, but I'm open to varieties. I'll gladly share with whatever you choose.

Do you want to grow Chard this year? This one is pretty: Five Color Silverbeet Swiss Chard.

I'd love to share some of the Tomatillos. I didn't have much luck last year, but I'll try it again.

And, despite the killer zucchini last year, I still totally want to get this Black Beauty Zucchini. And this Ronde de Nice Squash (it's a round summer squash), this Winter Luxury Squash, and this Guatemalan Blue Squash. My squash did SO WELL last year, I don't mind doing it again.

On tomatoes, I'm only going to allow 3 or 4 varieties - I had way too much last year. I like your selections of the Yellow Pear and Black Cherry. I also like the Black Krim. I'm not hard set, though. Have you tried the Blondkopfchen before? Gods, I love the name.

I also have a few flowers that I may pick up, such as these Bunny Tails, this White Cypress Vine, this Nigra Hollyhock, and this Night Phlox

We could do an order together, or do two separate orders and share seeds. I'm open to your preference.

This year, my garden plan is a little.. optimistic. But I'm down with that. With the children's playset built and finished, and more plans to work on the rest of the yard, I love that part of the yard is dedicated to growing food.

More posts soon! Really!


  1. So I went ahead and put through my seed order because I was worried about not getting those blondkopfchen. They sold out early last year. And I ended up waffling on the runner beans and cooking beans, I'm not sure where to put them all so I didn't order them.

    So you should order all the things too. They sound really cool. Then we can share and stuff. The shipping ends up being pretty cheap, I think mine was around $3 and the total order was like $60 for everything I got.

    I will have to plan a trip to a garden nursery to get some starter trays and the soil and stuff. Then I just have to figure out where to put everything once it's time to start growing. I had pretty good luck last year not killing any of my seed starts so I'm feeling pretty confident this year.

    Sure wish I could set up a mini greenhouse somewhere. Maybe someday!

  2. Just placed an order. And then placed an even bigger order on Botanical Interests. Some of my order from seed savers I moved to BI, since the price was better. Now to figure out how to get a seed starting setup indoors. Might be biting of a leeeetle more than I should, but hey..