Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Movie Geek Out.

I'm sure you've seen it, but I will post it anyway.

Here is a trailer for the next Miyazaki film, The Wind Rises. I wonder if we will be able to get together and see it in a theater. It's due to release on February 21st!

Next we can get excited about When Marnie Was There. Which is based on a book that is of course out of print. Hopefully that will change as we get closer to this movie release.

And of course, Miyazaki is going into retirement to work on his new manga.

I liked this interview with Miyazaki about The Wind Rises.

I'm sad to see him retire, but I will continue to follow studio Ghibli films of course.

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  1. Yes! Let's please try and see the movie together. I have my children the weekend of February 21st. Should this be a kid-free movie, or do you think we can bring them? And, of course, it all depends on our schedules (esp yours) as we get closer.