Sunday, January 5, 2014

Grow All The Things!

Here is my shopping cart so far at Seed Savers:

Runner Bean, Painted Lady Improved

Cooking Bean, Jacob's Cattle 1lb

Bean, Climbing French

Watermelon, Golden Midget

Melon, Petit Gris De Rennes

Kale, Halbhoher Gruner Krauser

Pepper, Orange Bell

Pepper, King of the North

Cucumber, Holland White

Cucumber, Parisian Pickling

Carrot, Paris Market

Tomatillo, Green Husk

Spinach, Strawberry

Pea, Sutton's Harbinger

Pea, Champion of England

Tomato, Kellogg's Breakfast

Tomato, Amish Paste

Tomato, Rosso Sicilian

Tomato, Hillbilly Potato Leaf

Tomato, Black Cherry

Tomato, Beam's Yellow Pear

Tomato, Blondkopfchen

Most of these seemed pretty cool. The only ones I'm really set on are some of the tomatoes (black cherry, yellow pear, blondkopfchen)

Let me know which of these you are also interested in growing. I'm not sure I will be successful growing any kind of melon, but I am willing to give it another go. As far as herbs, I think I will wait and replant live plants as needed rather than end up with too many seeds and no where to put them.

Almost all of these are $3 a packet and vary from 25 seeds to 100 seeds depending on whether they are tiny seeds like carrot, or big old beans. The only exception is the 1lb of bean seeds. The first two on the list (runner bean and cooking bean) I'm not completely certain on. They sound really cool, but could also easily take over the whole yard and end up being a lot of work come harvest time. 

One of the pea varieties I think grows to 10' tall. That sounds really cool, but it might just be a jungle. I may only want one pea, so let me know what you think of those. 

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  1. Sorry, work has made this hard to get to the blog this week. But I did work on a list of my desires from Seed Savers. I'll get that posted in the next day or two. There are certainly a few, at least, that would be great to order together.