Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Yvie's Birthday

My little Yvie bear turned 6 yesterday. I made rainbow cupcakes with pink and purple icing (and then neglected to take a picture of the final TA-DA before we devoured them. Sigh.)

The unbaked cupcake dough
The cooked cupcakes. Love the color!
Kid approved!
And Chyler approved!
Yvie demonstrates the correct Frosting Lipstick technique
Yvie and the (remaining) cupcakes
Proof that Jason does indeed eat cupcakes!
We went out to the big M for dinner (she asked), and then just stayed home opening presents and eating cupcakes. It was a school/work night, so we didn't have time for much else. But we'll go out to the movies this weekend.

Yvie carrying a present
Yvie carrying another present
Yvie's room all birthday-ified
Yvie is in Kindergarten this year, and she's grown so much. She's learning to read, likes to draw, paint, and make art, and is still very snuggly. I still can't believe that my youngest is 6, in school, growing up fast.

How was your birthday?

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  1. Those cupcakes look awesome! You are always so super creative with your kiddos birthdays. Ha, take that Hostess Cupcake/Capri Sun parent!

    She is getting so big so fast. I loved seeing her (and your boys too) on Wednesday. They are turning into such cool people.

    Oh and Yvie's room is possibly the cutest girly room I've ever seen.

    That reminds me. Are you up for another skating adventure soon? I was thinking on an upcoming Tuesday perhaps following one of Morgan's silk classes and inviting Bree and Kaenan. The next date we could is the 12th, since there is no class on the 5th and I have a work thing that night anyway.