Friday, October 25, 2013

Happy Birthday, Damnit!

First, a complaint:


Ok, there, I'm done. Much better now.

Who the heck has time to create a picture-perfect birthday spread for their 1 year old child? Do these people have maids and butlers and a spouse that makes a lot of money? Damnit. I can't compete with Internet Moms.

Thank god I'm surrounded by equally non-perfect moms. Last month, I took Yvie to a birthday party where the cupcakes came out of cellophane bags (hostess?), and the drinks were capri-sun.

And, yet, I was still a little intimidated by the bouncy house they had there, and the 20 kids they invited. I'm just not a 'social' mom. Fortunately, my kids haven't asked to have a party with friends over (I'd do it if they asked). I know, it's rather sad that I'm passing on my hermit lifestyle...

Instead, we'll be eating a flower cake, opening presents, and going to see a dollar movie as a family on Yvie's birthday. Now that's the kind of gig I can handle.

Also, I hope this is OK here, but..


I hope your birthday rocked, you got to eat some cake that didn't make you feel sick (but wasn't the atrocity of my failed 'chocolate coconut flour' cake that my children suffered through on my last birthday - they've said, many times since then, that I should be allowed to have a "Real Cake" on my next birthday. I agree), and that Thriller was everything it should be. Oh, and tell Sean Happy Annibirthary!

If you have some time to get together soon, let me know! With or without the kidlets. My treat. Perhaps we can go out for fancy tea or coffee?

(More posts this weekend, I hope. Need more pictures, and to get off my butt to finish a project. Go me!)

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  1. Agreed that some parents are just too perfect. I suspect they probably don't really enjoy the whole process too much with the amount of work that must go into it.

    So other than the near vomiting experience on my birthday, it was really great. I decided to go to an extra silks class that morning since Sean wasn't working, so he and Hank stayed at home.

    The instructor (super awesome Mom/Nurse/Silk Aerialist that she is) had us do this move to 'improve grip strength' aka 'the vomitron'. It goes like this: double wrap your arms high, bend one leg at the knee (sort of like a yoga tree pose) and balance on the toe/ball of foot on the other leg. Then use your bent knee to set yourself spinning. Fast. I did it twice (once each way) then had to go outside for some cold air to stop the nausea.

    One I got over that fun time, we later in the same class spend some time upside down doing scorpion pose (where you try to stretch your extended foot to your head; yeah I am not even close on that one yet). When I stood up, I got a major head rush and near vomit experience.

    After that it did get better, and we had a good night out to see Thriller. No cake, I decided that any attempt to have an allowed cake was not worth it and I wouldn't enjoy it anyway. We did have cake on Monday for Sean's birthday.Technically I didn't have cake then either, just a celebratory Scotch.

    We really should go out sometime. The Tea Grotto is really cool. Just have to figure out a time and I'm all over it.