Thursday, October 17, 2013

Halloween Thoughts

A few Costume pics
This is Morgan's completed costume.
We ordered her a unitard with long sleeves as the base, and bought some cheap fleece to make a vest (complete with Paw buttons) and a belt to hook on the tail. 

And then there is mine. I am ever so slightly considering dying my hair anime blue to complete the look. Probably won't happen, though.

This is what Hank was considering being for Halloween. 
He has since changed his mind since he gets to be a minion any day. 
I will get a pic up soon of his current costume. It is pretty awesome.

Now on to more Halloween stuff.

Here is the bulk of our decorating:
I may add a blacklight if I can get one for cheap.
I was considering doing a Coraline mural, but that seemed like too much work.

We've been doing research into pumpkin carving. Here are some I'd like to do this year:

And this one is way too ambitious, but I love it:

I am wondering about using the dremel to help with pumpkin carving this year. Hmm

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  1. Love the pumpkins! If you carve them, take pictures! We still haven't carved ours. i suspect it'll be a last minute thing...