Monday, October 7, 2013

Cyborgs don't need antibiotics!

So. Last Friday, I had my first dental implant installed. Which means I am now a cyborg. I mean, I have a metal screw installed in my jaw. Or does it have to have electronic parts? Hmm. Whatever. I'm calling it a cyborg tooth anyway.

My cyborg tooth. Er, pre-tooth. Screw.

It went pretty smooth overall. Which means, I watched some videos beforehand showing how the procedure would be done, freaked out a little bit, almost canceled my appointment, but went anyway. I had to close my eyes for most of it so that I wouldn't see the blood (since when did blood bother me like this?), but it went pretty quickly. I was in and out of the dentist in less than an hour, including the numbing period.

After affects are pretty minimal, mostly jaw soreness. Hardly any swelling, and the shiny screw on top of my gums looks pretty cool. (at least, I keep telling my kids that it does.)

However, my dentist prescribed antibiotics, to reduce the chance of infection and rejection of the implant. And the antibiotics are horrible. Stomach bloating, pain, dry mouth, I smell weird (especially certain lady parts). I have taken antibiotics only one other time as an adult, and that is when I had an ear infection bad enough that my eardrum ruptured. I do not want to take these.

But, now my Jason says that, since I've started the antibiotics, I need to finish them, or else I'll make it worse. Which means I've taken 6 pills out of 20. Uuuugh.

What do you think? Should I listen to my body and stop taking these horrible pills? Should I even bother taking the priobiotics while I'm taking the antibiotics? I'm eating yogurt as well.

I have to do this again in January for the other side. Lots of fun!


  1. I am trying to remember if I had to take antibiotics when I had my implant put in. I don't think that I did, but Sean says he thinks so.

    Personally, I side with caution when taking antibiotics because I know just how horrible the digestive affects will be for me. If it's just a precaution, then I would say no to the prescriber or at least make sure that it's absolutely necessary. That being said, implants are so expensive that it may be worth the extra precaution. It could also be that the guy that put yours in feels more comfortable that way, or maybe the implant manufacturer they go through requires it.

    I know when I got mine, there was a big discussion of not letting it fail, and what would happen if it did. I was given floss close to the size of yarn to use for cleaning, and while I did do that initially, I find there are too many areas in my mouth where the yarn floss simply will not fit, and it's really uncomfortable to force it between any two teeth. I do floss religiously, and particularly around the implant, but I just use standard sized floss.

    As far as stopping the antibiotic early, my thought is this. If you have an infection, then absolutely finish the course because you might feel better but the infection isn't totally gone, and stopping early may cause a relapse of the infection. However, to prevent infection, I don't think that is the case.

    In the end, you should probably try to finish the course, get or make some uber yogurt, and then Sean swears by the "Hippie Store Probiotics" that you get in the cool case section of your local hippie joint. He was on antibiotics non stop for the first three months of this year and that got him through it.

    Which antibiotic is it?

  2. Amoxicillin. The effects are a little less now, my stomach is dealing with it. Doesn't hurt that I'm taking a hippy-probiotic every time I take the antibiotic pill, and I'm eating 2 yogurts every day. I sure do wish I had a bathtub though. Double showers aren't helping (I smell weird!)

    Floss the size of yarn? That totally didn't come up with my dentist. Maybe that'll give me something to do with the bin of yarn just taking up space in my bedroom. Hmmm.