Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Chyler's Birthday

Chyler turned 8 almost two weeks ago (sorry, took me a bit to get the photos from my camera). He asked for a Minecraft birthday, so we made some paper minecraft characters and minecraft-style cake.

Very shiny. We found kitty prints on the wrap. Thomas liked it, too!
Just chocolate cake with green-grass frosting and rice krispy treats. 
 Yvie posing with the cake. (she helped. a little.)

The eating of the cake.
I didn't get photos of the present opening and subsequent nerf fight/mad dash to build the super cool bionicle with the jet pack. We spent the evening at Nickelcade, which is what Chy wanted. Between London and I, we managed to get him over 700 tickets, which he then used to buy crappy plastic nunchucks, a ninja sword, and handcuffs. And candy. The best moment was when Chy and Jason were playing some pirate video game together, and after every battle, Chyler wanted to high five Jason, yelling, "Yeah, we did it! We're awesome!" I could hear him across the arcade.

That kid is totally gun obsessed.  When we go to the store to buy stuff with allowance money, Chy always wants to buy another gun. Or a lego set, if I convince him that he doesn't need another gun. I think we need to plan a full out nerf war with all the cousins. Or my entire neighborhood.

Kids posing. Apparently, Yvie is a supermodel.

Mock fight between Chy and Yvie.

Ah, well, at least the little dude is easy to please. Nerf, bionicle, lego, jackets and pants and boots with cool zippers, anything shaped like a gun. He spent 4 hours one weekend building a realistic-shaped gun out of legos.

I do worry a little about this gun obsession, but I don't think that I can quell it by banning them. And there is a strangely proud moment as a mom when your 8 year old asks you to wait behind him for a moment so that he can check the area for zombies, then walks to the corner and quick checks around, holding his gun two handed like a real movie-hero guy.


  1. That party sounds awesome. I love the minecraft cake. I hope someone sang the sugarcane song.

    So I see a future with Chy as an action film star.

    In a world
    Where ninjas an pirates collide
    One man
    Is the only thing
    Standing between humanity
    And total destruction
    This Summer
    You won't want to miss

    Secret Agent

  2. Sometimes we call him the Incredible Chulk. His eyebrows are gonna kick your *ss.