Friday, September 27, 2013

TV, books, and movies

Game of Thrones has taken over my evenings. We have HBO (just renewed the dtv package, got 3 free months), so we're trying to quickly watch them all. Almost caught up now. Fantastic story - and, yes, I am guilty of not having finished the books. I own them, someday I'll get 'round to it.

Also getting caught up on The Newsroom. Love this show, but much prefer to watch it alone.

Fortunately the Milk came out last week, and the kids and I finished it in two evenings. I need to read it again, as I kept mixing up the character voices. GREAT book, of course!

Just finishing From the Dust Returned by Ray Bradbury, very interesting book. Started Coldest Girl in Coldtown by Holly Black. I loved some of her previous books, and so far I'm enjoying this one, but damnit if it isn't about vampires. Ugh.

I purchased some John Green books on Amazon recently. I need to read An Abundance of Catherines and Paper Towns, as I haven't read them yet. Sent TFIOS home (along with Ocean at the end of the Lane) with a co-worker for his girlfriend, so that it will help cleanse away 50 shades - poor thing read all of it in the original text (as twilight fan fic).

Oh, and I finished Terra by Mitch Benn. Would you like to borrow it? It was quite good.

Do you and Sean have any interest in meeting up to watch Catching Fire or Ender's Game together?

That's it, for now. I'll post about Chy's birthday when I remember to grab the sd card from the camera and bring it to work.


  1. Yeah, let me know how you feel about Game of Thrones when you finally catch up.

    I loved Fortunately the Milk. Haven't had a chance to read it to the kids yet, but I will soon!

    I think I may want to read Terra, it sounds interesting.

    I think we'd like to do something movie related soon. Either would be pretty cool.

    I'm considering seeing the show Thriller by Odyssey Dance Theater this year, it's supposed to be pretty good. My instructor is in the show, and I'm sure she's very good.

  2. We finished Game of Thrones this last weekend. So. Good!

    Only now we're having withdrawals. What could possibly fill that void until the next season starts? Aah!

  3. Hmm. I may try that out. Becca also says it is good. I'm finishing the Newsroom soon. Have you seen it?