Tuesday, September 17, 2013

To San Diego and back again.

Here are a few pictures I took of the kids before going out of town. 

Hank is wearing his minion costume. I picked up the overalls at a thrift shop for $2. 

Super cute and doing poses for me. 

And then of course driving me to the airport, which was obligatory.

Here is the view from the hotel.

A super cute kite flying from the kite shop in the village. 

This is taken from our dinner at the San Diego Zoo. 
It was a special event for the pinning of the certified techs. 

The Midway. This was right up the pier from our hotel. 

The USS Enterprise. Obligatory :) 

I thought this statue was really cool, it had some great detail. 

Not really sure what this was meant to be, but it looks awesome. 

So the trip was fun. I was ready to come home by the second to last day. I learned an incredible amount, but a lot of it I am going to have to study through all of the proceedings and wrap my head around again. I hope to go again next year, but we will have to see what is going on at that time.


  1. Your kids are so damn cute. I love the minion outfit! Damn, now I need a toddler to dress. I wonder if I can 'borrow' a toddler for that.

    San Diego looks gorgeous. How was the weather? And how is your stomach feeling? Were you able to be mostly good?

  2. Rent a toddler? We could be on to something there. We could charge parents day care fees, and charge people to rent them. Win/Win!

    The weather was awesome. Some of the nights were chilly, but there was plenty of alcohol to keep us going. Other than one night where the 'sushi salad' was smothered in wasabi paste, my stomach was rather good. Especially considering the alcohol consumed.

    I was mostly good, up until we went to an Irish pub, of which there are at least 6 in the area. It was happy hour, so appetizers where half price, as were the drinks. I had to have sausage rolls of course, and corned beef croquettes. Then I washed those down with a black and tan (Guinness and ale), followed by a black velvet (Guinness and apple ale) and finally a straight up Guinness.

    After that we went to a tequila bar where I had a single shot of some brand tequila I don't recall (as recommended by a stranger) and three glasses of water. I'll give the water credit for the fact that I did not get sick at all.