Tuesday, September 3, 2013

So summer is coming to an end, and school has started again. Also, my short attempt at working overnights is finally going to end, and I will go back to sleeping a (hopefully) somewhat normal schedule at night.

And I just became one of *those* parents. You know, the one dragging her screaming child from the store. And of course he is screaming “I WANT A TOY!!!!” at a frequency that everyone in the giant big box can hear. But that is what I get for running to the store for one quick thing, and telling him I will buy him something small. Of course, that turns into him gaping and oogling at every large, annoying, sound making toy he can find; the cheapest of which is no less than $20.

Which brings me to this: why do all the toys make horrible annoying sounds? I want to spoil my child as much as the next person, but I want it to be quiet for (insert your favorite curse)’s sake. And of course the more annoying the toy, the more appealing it is to them.

 Now I’m not against all noises. We went out of our way to get those paper musical instruments, we routinely will have dance party game disks going, and in our house, the piano is considered a toy. But hearing the same horrid electronic musical ditty more than 5-10 times will set me into a barely controlled rage that I have a hard time not releasing onto the world.

Ugh, I am struggling to find a theme to write a post about, so it is going to continue at this rambling pace.
Sean and I had our first date in a couple of months. I worked overnight, slept for ~5 hours, game got cancelled (again), so we put the kids to bed and then went to see a movie. I may have slightly sort of death gripped Sean’s hand during World War Z, but I did really like it. And I did sort of geek out when the new new Doctor appears in the movie.

This Friday I am going out of town for a conference (yes, me). I am super excited to sit through lecture after mind numbing lecture for 4+ days. I really do mean I am excited. No really!

I get to share a hotel room with 3 coworkers, eat out every night (how that is going to work yet I don’t quite know), and listen to people in my field of work lecture on emergency veterinary medicine. Sounds cool, right? I plan on hitting up a shop just after we get settled in, to stock up on larabars and muscle milk. I’m not 100% sure that muscle milk is scd legal (ok, it’s probably not), but it follows the theory, dammit!  

On another note, we finally caught up on Doctor Who, so I've been reading a lot of memes in the last week or so, and this one really stuck with me.

And now since getting current, I've had a sudden urge to watch all of the River Song episodes in chronological order from her point of view. It's confusing, since she appears in some episodes as from different timelines in her life, but you get an interesting viewpoint. 

Also, I'm very much enjoying David Tennant in Broadchurch, the episodes I've managed to watch anyway. 

Enough rambling! Hopefully I can come up with a singularly themed post soon. 


  1. When do you stop doing your graveyard shift?

    Have fun at the conference! Take pictures!

    Is there a list somewhere of the Doctor Who episodes in order from River's point of view? I may watch those with the kids. We all love Doctor Who. In fact, the antennae on my Kia Soul reminds me of K-9's tail. Tempted to go mega-geek and build a K-9 to go on my car.

    My daughter still likes to throw fits in stores; Most of the time, I can usher her out quickly, but still, it's quite embarrassing.

  2. Tonight is my last overnight that I'm scheduled. I may fill in occasionally. And of course I leave tomorrow afternoon, so sleeping off the overnight shift will probably be impossible.

    I think I will bring my good camera, and see if I can get some good pictures.

    So far I have been following this list: http://www.nerdist.com/2013/05/the-river-song-story-with-spoilers/

    It seems fairly accurate.