Friday, September 20, 2013

(ninja post about those holidays that happen in the winter...)

I know it is September, but I would like to (quietly?) plan our turkey-day and xmas coups this year.

What are your plans? What would you like to do with extended family? (or not do)

I have my kids for turkey day this year, but we are not going anywhere on that day. I need to have my own traditions, darnit. But I'm OK with going to a family gig that weekend, as long as it is on a different day.

I don't have my kids Xmas eve/morning, but I get them for a few hours in the evening. We will be staying at home, opening presents in front of the fireplace. I bought an 8' tree to put upstairs. Jason and I made a deal: I bought a real tree (from here), and Jason will decorate it. As long as he uses no tinsel. (and I may do the lights, since he just kind of throws them on there - sorry, sweetie, but you do!) We can't have any breakable ornaments, because Thomas likes to climb the side of the tree and knock things down. Broke all but 2 ornaments his first year with us (little punk). Oh, and I may do this to a small tree downstairs. Awesome!

I'm OK doing an extended family party thing, as long as we plan it to occur earlier in the month. And I totally think we should set rules, if we do.

Oh, and I have my kids on New Years. Any interest in doing a New Years party?


  1. So, it's hard to say what our plans are this year, because my schedule is really a crap shoot. I could end up working every single holiday for all I know.

    Also, I suspect that Sean will push to stay at home for any holiday we can. Not sure how I feel about that.

    I'd also like to have a private Thanksgiving function at my house, though it may or may not be on that Thursday (pending my schedule). I guess we could always plan on having a breakfast if I work the swing. Yea, turkey and waffles!

    As far as xmas, I too would like a separate event on another part of the month. Setting ground rules will be hard. I know that Mom digs making gifts for everyone, and I cannot say no to it.

    We could try a destination party, like seeing the temple lights and having cocoa? I dunno, maybe I could host a thing at my house this year.

    Oh, and a New Years party would be awesome. Again, pending my schedule. We could do it here or at your place, have some drinks, let the kids pig out on popcorn and movies.

    Speaking of which, we haven't had our Poppy Hill screening yet. I did buy it and and I watched it with the kids. It's good, but a little more laid back than the usual Ghibli stuff. So pretty, though! We should still try for a gathering, maybe on an upcoming Friday night?

    Love the portal tree. A dalek tree would also be cool!

  2. Yes, we need to have a movie night! I bought Poppy Hill, too, we're going to watch it later today. Do you have any plans on Friday, October 5th? We could do it here, let the kids play on the play set then watch a movie.

    I love the idea of doing temple lights and cocoa, or having you or I host a family party for xmas. Let's see how your schedule looks earlier in the month of Dec. How far in advance do you get your schedule?

  3. We watched 'Poppy Hill' on Saturday. Loved it! It reminded me of 'Whisper of the Heart'. And the kids stayed interested, which is good.

  4. Ugh, I still don't have a schedule for October. I'll let you know soon after I find out. Usually the schedule comes out half way through the month, but lately it's a crap shoot. I can request days off for December so that we can plan it somewhat in advance. Let me know which weekend in the beginning of December works for you, and we'll get the ball rolling. Thanksgiving is still anyone's game.

  5. Hmm. I don't have my kids the first weekend of December, I do have them Dec 13-15, so that would probably be the best weekend for me. But I can do a Wed or Thurs evening, if need be, as I always have them those nights.

  6. So, I'm working on October 5th, and just about every Saturday thereafter. I do have free the 4th. I can mention it to Sean and see if he is interested if you're up to it.

  7. October 4th would be fabulous (sorry, got my days of the week mixed up again). Let me know what Sean says!

  8. It should work, what time is good for you? Are we heading up to your place?

  9. I'm open anytime after 4pm. I took the day off on Friday so that I can get my first dental implant done (in the morning). Which I am currently stressing about. A lot.

    We can go to you, or you can come to my house. I'm open to whatever.

  10. The time sounds good, and I think we should go to your house, but I'm not sure you'll be feeling up to it. Awesome that you are getting a dental implant, but if you aren't feeling well afterward we can postpone this for a bit.

  11. I'll be fine on Friday, just not able to eat much. I've had quite a bit of dental work done in the last year or so, I should be ok. (Last time I had a tooth removed, I mowed the lawn later that day, then realized that I was clenching my teeth the whole time, and had a mouth full of blood. yummy!)

    The procedure will be done in the morning, so that I have some recovery time before the boys get out of school. Yvie and I will be hanging out, practicing pantomime.

    Shall we watch Poppy Hill, or something else?

  12. Poppy Hill sounds good. I've only seen it once, and had a small nap in the middle. Of course we'll be spending our time mostly talking, but I'm sure the kids will enjoy it too.

    'Mouth Full Of Blood' would be a good band name.

    Now to contemplate what to feed the kids. We could pick up a couple of $5 pizzas on our way. I will text you a little later. Incidentally, I am really horrible at noticing/finding your comments, so I do struggle a bit to keep on the conversation.

  13. A vampyric band, perhaps. Lots of songs about loss and black hair dye.

    I need to make some homemade marinara with my remaining tomatoes, which I will be starting shortly. Would your kids be up to having some pasta and marinara? Perhaps with meatballs. I could have some zuschetti for us to eat. I also have roasted pumpkin that needs to be et.. hmmm.