Thursday, September 5, 2013

I see your rambly post, and raise you a rambly post.. with links!

Lovely bits from the internet:

All Good Slides Are Slippery, poetry selected by Lemony Snicket. My favorite: Auto-Lullaby by Franz Wright.

Oh heck yeah: Hello Kitty Themed Planes Are Coming To The U.S.

Have you seen this artist's work yet? Her name is Ellen June, and her stuff is available on her Etsy shop, called Creatures from El. Gorgeous.

Also, found this funny pinterest board, called My Imaginary Well-Dressed Toddler Daughter. Love the kids' names. I should have named my daughter Quinoa. Or at least Scottish Oats.

The Bloggess' office - very jealous. Gods, I wish I could decorate. In my head, all of my rooms are beautifully designed. And clean. But the reality is... not so much.

This was a 'write to complain' week for me. We agreed not to use this blog to complain, so I didn't post. But there were moments, I almost put them up anyway. Mostly, I'm tired of working my stressed-out 8-5 job. I'm tired of working for the (wo)man. When are we going to get our own business going?

I'm still reading Terra by Mitch Benn, but next is 'From the Dust Returned' by Rad Bradbury. I've read a lot of Bradbury, but not this one. Also read the first couple books in the Locke & Key graphic novel series, waiting for the rest on hold at the library. Good stuff, LOVE the artist.

My kids are back on track next Wednesday, so we're taking a long weekend together. Might hit the drive-in, we don't have a lot of time left before it gets too cold.

Q has decided that he wants to dress as Ezio from Assassin's Creed. So either we spend $150+ on a badly made costume (no way), or we take forever to build it. Oh well, I once made that tigger costume for Jody. How hard can this be?

More in a day or two with garden pics/plans. I keep thinking I can re-do this entire yard.. eh. Let's see how it goes.


  1. Loving the poetry, will have to delve more into it.

    I now require a pair of hand carved koi fish.

    Yes, work is very very tiring. I have also been rather bitchy about it of late.

    You can totally make that costume! It will take some time, if you have it. I still have delusions of making a family of totoro costumes: one big for me, a medium for Morgan and a small for Hank.

    Hank momentarily decided he wanted to be zombie. I geeked out for a minute and we talked about using fake blood and getting him a stumpy arm to carry around (these were his ideas!), then he went right back to saying he will just be spiderman again.

    Do you require any iris roots for your yard? If I have time I want to dig out all of them and revise them, thin them out as needed. They are getting quite dense. It will be a gamble on the color, though. I have no idea which is what.

  2. Chy wants to be a zombie killer! You should totally try to convince Hank to be a zombie, and we'll do a group thing. Umm.. Ezio, Princess-Fairy, Zombie and Zombie Killer, and a.. umm.. Morgan? We'll totally win a prize!

    I'm down with adding more irises. I have the one white iris that the lady at the Wasatch Plant Sale convinced me to buy, but it didn't bloom this year. It is in between the tigerlilies and the pink daylilies that we just planted. It was probably too lonely to bloom.

    Q and I spent the day looking at instructables and youtube videos on Ezio's costume. This should be quite fun.

  3. Ok, I have dug out most of the irises from the ground, hoping to relocate them to another part of the yard where they will help with erosion control and stop competing with roses. Time to reclaim the rose tier!

    So, i definitely will be bringing some (possibly giant) iris chunks over soon.