Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Yes, camping! When you want all of your stuff to smell like smoke and be covered in those little sticky seed things...

My favorite moments while we were camping:
  1. Miss Morgan showing Yvie and Chyler how to make origami stars, telling the story of the time she tried to make an origami swan and, "It ended in tears." 
  2. Hank explaining the smurf, smurfette, and flashing ring pop. His little mouth still cannot keep up with his words and stories.
  3. Sean's incredulousness at the conversation with my 7-year-old about Pewdiepie and Tobuscus. 
  4. Posing for pictures as we were walking around. Like this one, with my Jason taking off, Chyler looking like a bad guy, and Morgan laughing.

   5.  Posing the kids in front of the tree, resulting in these great shots:

Chyler's dubiousness:
 Yvie's supermodel pose:
 Morgan's great smile (and hat!)
 Hank's equally great smile and hat
 Oh, and the elusive 'cop glasses' Q caught on camera

   6. The way that Hank has his awesome smile always ready to go. That kid is super smart and photogenic.

    7. After two nights of sleeping on rocks in the cold (ok, we could have been better prepared), we were more than happy to pack everything up and load it back into the car. The little ones helped to fold up and put away the tent. Obligatory removal of the air in the tent (which is, really, just letting the kids roll around on the folded up tent to remove the air).

   8. My version of the kid photo at the end, without the abominable Q man. Such cute kids!

   9. And, of course, telling stories and talking about books, TV, movies, internet stuff, and happenings.

10. Oh, and the food! Bacon, sausage, chili, and salad. The biscuits you cooked in the coals, along with the SCD version that was really good. Your amazing banana bread. Those muffins I made that came out great (recipe here).

I love spending time with you guys, and I hope we can do it again soon!

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