Monday, August 26, 2013

Skyfort and Lego Rock Band

We finally finished the Skyfort!

It is tucked into the corner of our yard, but it does fit! We couldn't add the Monkey Bars, but otherwise, the set is complete. It has just enough room around all sides to give the children room to play. Except where it meets with our pumpkin patch/garden boxes to the right of the swing set. It's rather tight on that side. 

Speaking of which - look how green that garden is! The sunflowers can hardly hold themselves up, the pumpkins are growing over the entire trellis, down the other side, around the sides of the box. They definitely need more room next year.

Next I need to rip out more weeds (ugh, they are so prolific, I think some of it may be morning glories), then put down wood chips. That may be all I get done before the end of the year.

This weekend, the kids and I tried to have some 'chill at home' time. The kids wanted to play Lego Rock Band, which is fantastic.

 Do you like Chyler's outfit? Like a real Rock Star.

The boys singing together (while Princess Yvie looks on).

Q is doing pretty good at Medium level on the drums. Hard is WAY HARD - we tried it once, him on Drums and me on the Bass, and we gave up after one song.

If I can get the yard cleaned up (sigh), would you have any availability to come out for a visit in 2-4 weeks? The kids really want to show off their Skyfort.

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  1. I love it! Also, super jealous, I don't think we could fit something so large anywhere in our yard. The garden looks amazing! I love how tall everything is, especially those sunflowers. We can definitely come out in a couple of weeks.