Tuesday, August 13, 2013

David Tennant, why must you make me cry?

First, a confession:

My favorite Harry Potter movie is number 4: Order of the Phoenix. The long haired one, where Harry, Ron, and the twins have long hair. And where David Tennant plays Barty Crouch, Jr, (beautifully, I might add.)

David Tennant is my favorite Doctor, he is. As the Doctor, he was classy, believable, witty and funny.  He was the Doctor in our favorite episode, Don't Blink. He said goodbye to Rose, Martha, and Donna (oh, Donna!). He fought the Master (also played fantastically).

I like Matt Smith, I do. He surprised us with his version of the Doctor, funny and comical, but David is still my favorite.

So.. when they announced who would play the new Doctor - which I am excited to see, Peter Capaldi also played the Angel Islington in the original BBC broadcast of Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere, though Benedict Cumberbatch did an AMAZING job of the voice of the Angel Islington for the BBC radio production put out this year (Huge Benedictine/Cumberbitch here as well) - they also put out an ad for the new BBC show starring David Tennant called Broadchurch. I do like police TV dramas from time to time, and have enjoyed british police dramas, so I set it to record.

Last night, I watched Broadchurch while folding laundry. And, of course, first episode, and it's a child that is murdered (sorry, not really spoiling much, they give it away in the previews!). They then spend the next 45 minutes with a slightly-grizzly-intense-eyed David Tennant starting the investigation and the townspeople being affected by the untimely death.

It was, all in all, very good. But, seriously, I didn't need yet another show to make me cry. I cry easily enough already: Driving the car listening to NPR. Reading comments on the Bloggess. Looking at links fron Neil Gaiman's twitter feed. Damn hormones.


  1. Well, now I will have to watch Broadchurch. Anything with David Tennant :)

  2. Ok, so I watched it and I liked it. It did remind me a bit of the Killing, as I expect they will focus the entire season on this one murder. I will keep watching though, especially for David Tennant.