Saturday, August 17, 2013

Conversation with my Jason earlier today (about our next door neighbor):

J: I think Matt bought a camper.
Me: Didn't he already have an RV?
J: No, the other neighbor.
Me: His name isn't Matt.
J: It isn't?
Me: (after a pause) Do you think all of our neighbors are named Matt?
Jason: (after another pause) Only the males.

Ok, so we don't really know our neighbors.

One of our cousins posted this link on FB. Love, love this poet.

The diet thing is going pretty well. I did not totally cheat and eat a Bacon Bacon breakfast sandwich at Carl's Jr yesterday. It was not utterly and completely delicious. Sigh.

But sometimes, I really do feel like this: 

I'm trying, I am. But I've had to choke down my morning eggs for weeks now. I'm being good and eating them, but this reminds me of Dr. Brewer's diet, which I followed while pregnant. Every day it was eggs. (and potatoes. and green stuff.)

Definitely going to try your recipes. And some chia pudding made with almond milk. Sounds yummy!

Off to work on the skyfort in the (light) rain. I'll post pics tomorrow, if it lets up enough to get good light.

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  1. I often get ill if I have to eat the same thing every day, especially first thing. How about yogurt for breakfast instead? I feel like the greek yogurts are probably close enough to legal, and yogurt makers don't cost very much either. Also I think a larabar would be a pretty good breakfast.