Monday, August 12, 2013

Camping in Iron Mine

We went camping this weekend. Those involved were: Myself, Sean, Morgan, Hank, Lorraine, Jason, Quaylen, Chyler, and Yvie. It had been two years since going camping. The kids were really excited, and I'd say they enjoyed themselves very much.

We went on a little hike, avoided some cow patties and only got a little bit lost.

Hank was very proud of his light up ring pop.

We also got some really awesome poses

They all took their turns climbing trees

Then they found The Prettiest Place Ever (as they called it).

Hank demanded we take many pictures of him on this fallen tree.

The Prettiest Place Ever was a section of fallen trees stacked atop each other that they used as a jungle gym.

Hank is also very proud of his Smurf he got as a happy meal toy on the way to the camp site.

And of course there was obligatory hammock time.

Morgan's pants are forever stained from soot it would seem. She looks super cute here though.

As many cousins as would pose together at the end of our trip.

I think this trip was worth it, and it was a pretty location, though we didn't know anything about it before going up there. It just happened to be available to us at the time with very short notice. I think we would go here again, though I would personally rather we explore some other areas first. 

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